The district of Venice known as Cannaregio is famous as one of the most sought after parts of the city because of its beautiful architecture and lively atmosphere. It is also ideal placed, situated as it is nestled between the city's main Santa Lucia Railway Station and the vibrance of the floating town centre. Whether it be the bus and taxi station at Piazzale Roma, the trains at Santa Lucia or the Gondolier water taxis of the Grand Canal, they are all a few moments from the hotel.

All of Venice's most beautiful sights and places of cultural significance are within walking distance from Hotel Atlantide, including the fabulous Rialto Bridge to the east, St Marks Squareand the Palazzo Ducale to the south east and, for all public transport, parking and airport transportation, Piazzale Roma to the south west.

Why not take a water taxi and travel in style!!  Whatever your reason in Venice, the Hotel Atlantide is perfectly located to ensure that you see all the best of what's to see, and yet can return back to a comfortable home with the utmost ease.

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The Hotel Atlantide is snugly fit in a quaint side street of the fantastic location known as the Lista di Spagna - an ideal spot from which to base your adventures in & around the magnificent city of Venice. Dubbed the 'Gateway to Venice', the Lista di Spagna is one of the most identifiable and attractive parts of the city, which runs east from the main Railway Station, Santa Lucia.


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